What the hell is wrong with people…?

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What the hell is wrong with people is hardly a food question…so why am I writing about it on here? Well after coinsidentally posting (for no reason) my third consecutive French based dish yesterday, which was how to cook the perfect omelette, we all woke up this morning to the sickening news of the latest terror attack in France. Again. ????

I mean seriously, what the hell is going on in peoples minds? Does anyone really and truly believe that terrorism is a solution to anything??


Actually driving a truck in to crowds of people on “Bastille” day. The French national celebration day of “liberty, equality & fraternity”. In case the irony is lost on anyone…

I’ll say it again, The French national celebration day of “Liberty, Equality & Fraternity”

And in the name of what? Religion…!?!? Or maybe this is just an act of some sick, mentally disturbed person? Sadly the early reports suggest the former…If this is the case, then perhaps its time for us all to forget religion…and IF you have a god (no matter who you believe in) then I’m sure his/her “all forgiving” nature will let you in…as long as you stop murdering innocent men women & children. How about that as a start, powerful stuff eh? Or is it a simple basic human right to live until your natural end.

It’s just so sad and puts everything in to perspective, well at least it does in my life. As the cliché goes, “Life is short”. Yes its short enough as it is, without having to dodge: bullets, bombs, knives, fanatical religious dickheads.

Live every day as if its your last.

My thoughts and wishes go out to all the families affected in this latest tragedy in Nice, France.

R.I.P. ❤️ ????????

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