Haggis Neeps & Tatties

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I’ve always loved a bit of Haggis, especially for breakfast…but on a recent trip to Edinburgh my wife and I called in to a little bar in the old town for a drink and bite to eat. The bar is called Arcade Bar, it’s on 48 Cockburn Street and its well worth looking up!

We were actually going out later that evening for a meal to a French restaurant that we had been recommended by some friends, so we didn’t want a large meal and opted to share a “Haggis Neeps & Tatties Stack”. What a result! It was inspirational!

I guess everyone has an idea what Haggis is and Tatties is pretty obvious too…BUT do you know what Neeps are? Most people guess at Turnip, and they’re not entirely wrong…As (most) Scottish people call “Swedes” Turnips – this topic gets very confusing, especially if you get involve Google & Wikipedia…

So, all you need to know is when making…
Haggis ‘Neeps’ and Tatties is, you need:

a.) A Haggis
b.) A Swede
C.) Some Potatoes

Click here to check out my recipe!

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