Cooking Rules

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Cooking Rules

Cooking, in my humble opinion, is a simple process that is more than often made in to a complete nightmare for two simple reasons.

  1. Poor Ingredients ~ There’s an old saying “C.I.C.O.” that comes from the early days of computer programming. It basically stands for “Crap In Crap Out”. The same principle applies to cooking, if you use crap ingredients/produce then don’t expect to create a gastronomic delight. Quality is this case is always better…
  2. Poor Time Keeping ~ I’m not talking about cooking food for too long or too little. I’m not even talking about having all of the different elements of your meal coming together at the same time. (that is something you will develop with experience) The biggest problem/fault I see when people attempt to cook is the lack of time they give themselves to prepare a meal, due to “other” commitments. Or their generally I can’t cook so I’ll just throw something together.Preparation is absolutely key to good cooking, which includes cleaning and organising before you start. In short, like most things in life, “failing to preparing is preparing to fail”.

So simply buy the best products you can afford and give yourself focussed time to cook. Don’t let yourself become distracted by other tasks.

The Right Tools

Keep your knives sharp – no debate here, sharp knives are safe knives and when it come to cutting chopping preping you’ll get a better faster safer job.


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